Summer 2017 Offerings

Summer 2017 Enrichment Classes

Offered by appointment

June 29 – July 17 and July 24 – end of summer

One-on-one sessions or small group available

Contact me for rates and dates!


Essay Writing with Confidence

Number of hours: 16

For students entering grades: 7 through 12

·      Learn, practice, or review the essay writing process using research-based methods for expository, persuasive, and narrative writing

·      Understand the building blocks of effective essays and how to successfully use these elements to satisfy the requirements of school writing assignments

·      Practice the essay process from brainstorming to the final edit

·      Gather effective tools and templates for all types of writing assignments

·      Produce at least one piece of polished writing and a number of drafts

·      Learn and practice time management skills for writing assignments, including timed essays


Reading Comprehension

Number of hours: 12 – 16

For students entering grades: 6 through 12

·      Learn and practice many multisensory tools of reading comprehension

·      Learn to identify the main concepts of fiction and non-fiction writing and interpret their significance

·      Practice using graphic organizers and technology tools for enhancing reading comprehension, including audio books

·      Pre-read school books and work on school summer reading assignments

·      Learn how to choose the right books and stick with them

·      Build reading interest, stamina, and confidence


Executive Skills Tools, Strategies, and Hacks

Number of hours: 12

For students entering grades: 6 through 12

·      Learn how the brain works and how to create optimal conditions for retention

·      Learn planning and organizing strategies for classwork, homework, projects, and tests

·      Practice digital and analog tools for time management and organization

·      Learn strategies to minimize ineffective coping mechanisms, including procrastination and avoidance

·      Gain understanding of overarching time structure of school, grading policies, and how to effectively satisfy assignment requirements

·      Learn to complete and turn in assignments on time, track progress, and mitigate academic issues before they arise

·      Leave with a portfolio of personalized tools to use at school and home


Admissions Essays and Personal Statements

Number of hours: 10 in summer; 2-6 in fall/winter before applications due

For students entering grades: 8 or 12

During the summer, students will determine the most applicable character traits and personal stories that exemplify their trajectory as students.  They will then write “blocks” of these stories that can be assembled in a variety of ways to meet the criteria of the schools to which they are applying.  They will also learn to research schools and identify matches, as well as how to write about themselves authentically and precisely.  In the fall or winter, students will schedule individual time to hone and polish their essays before submission.


Custom Projects

Number of hours: varies

For students in any grade

We will create a custom project about a high-interest topic using the principles of Project Based Learning.  Students will produce a final product and showcase it to an interested audience.  Custom projects are ideal for students who want to explore beyond the curriculum or need skills practice in a fun, low-stakes environment.  Example projects include time capsules, a personal hero’s journey map, and a literary cookbook.